Listening Exercise 1 – Chloe & Jake

Thank you to @chloejakepod (Instagram) for allowing me to use this episode! And thank you to Jake himself for kindly editing the 30-minute episode down to 5 minutes for this post.

Listen to the entire thing before answering questions. Feel free to listen to it again while you answer.


  1. Fill in this sentence: Chloe won _____ dollars from _____ Tatts-lotto scratchies.

a) 4 dollars, 20

b) 19 dollars, 4

c) 4 dollars, 20

d) 19 dollars, 20

2. When was this podcast episode released?

a) Early December 2020

b) 1st January 2020

c) New Year’s Eve 2021

d) New Year’s Day 2021

3. What is Jake’s opinion of the audience’s answers to the first question?

a) Agreement and amusement

b) Disagreement and disappointment

c) Agreement and disappointment

d) Disagreement and amusement

4. Choose the example that best represents Chloe’s idea of an effective resolution.

a) “This year, I’m going to lose weight.”

b) “This year, I’m going to follow an exercise regimen.”

c) “This year, I’m going to improve my life.”

d) “This year, I’m going to become a better person.”

5. Jake talks about a particular answer that used a literary device. What was it?

a) Alliteration, SMART

b) Acrostic, SMART

c) Acrostic, SAMRT

d) Acquisition, SMART

6. Choose the example that best represents Jake’s idea of an effective resolution.

a) Write a story once per week for the whole year

b) Don’t have a resolution at all because they’re too stressful

c) Do various activities that relate to sport (training, joining a sport club etc.)

d) Make a monthly deadline for losing weight (e.g. lose 5 kilos by the end of each month)

7. Chloe states her opinions on resolutions throughout the episode. In which of these statements does she use hyperbole to illustrate a point?

a) “I don’t have the willpower to continue something for a full year and, like, not let it overwhelm me, I suppose.”

b) “As soon as it hits, like, January 1st ’til about February 2nd, the gyms are full. You can’t, like, you cannot get any equipment, the gyms are completely full of people.”

c) “I won nineteen dollars. Nineteen dollars! Tell me anyone who has ever won that much money on a scratchie!”

d) “I almost had an aneurysm saying that.”

8. What is most similar to Chloe and Jake’s dynamic?

a) Employees casually gossiping

b) Friends discussing something they find interesting

c) Strangers having an intense conversation

d) A teacher lecturing a student

9. How would you describe Chloe’s speaking style? Use three adjectives and include one or more piece/s of evidence from the audio (e.g. words she uses, her tone of voice etc.).



10. How would you describe Jake’s speaking style? Use three adjectives and include one or more piece/s of evidence from the audio (e.g. words he uses, his tone of voice etc.).



Check your answers here!

The full episode can be found on Spotify at Chloe & Jake Have Questions. This audio is from Episode 6: “New Years, resolutions, and personality tests”. Listen to every episode on Spotify! (There’s the occasional swear word in the episodes but it’s rare and never disrepectful, I promise!)

The audio is published with full permission from Chloe & Jake Have Questions. The questions are of my own creation.


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