Reading Passage 9 – The 1910 Cuba Hurricane

Keywords: Year 4+, 10 questions overall, 10 MCQs, non-fiction, history, natural disaster, Cuba.

Source of image and passage: Simple Wikipedia

The 1910 Cuba hurricane was said to be one of the worst tropical cyclones that has ever hit Cuba. The storm formed in the southern Caribbean Sea on October 9, 1910. It grew stronger as it moved northwest. It then made landfall on the western end of Cuba. The storm made a loop over open water, and then began moving towards the United States. After crossing Florida, the storm moved near the rest of the southeastern United States and passed out to sea.

Because of the storm’s loop, some reports said it was actually two hurricanes. In Cuba, the storm was one of the worst disasters in the island’s history. There was bad damage and thousands of people lost their homes. In Florida, the storm also caused damage and caused flooding in some areas. It is not known exactly how much damage the storm caused. However, losses in Havana, Cuba were over $1 million. At least 100 people died in Cuba alone.

The storm caused bad damage in Cuba. It was considered one of the worst tropical cyclones on the island. Strong winds and a lot of rain caused flooding in streets, ruined crops (mostly tobacco), and damaged farms. The hurricane affected many towns, including Casilda. The town of BatabanĂ³ was left under water. The hurricane halted communication to other areas. Most of the deaths and damages were reported to be in the Pinar del RĂ­o Province.

The New York Times wrote that Cuba had “probably suffered the greatest material disaster in all its history”. Thousands of peasants, or workers, lost their homes. The country’s capital, Havana, also suffered bad damage. On the coast, many ships carrying valuable items sunk. The storm also badly damaged goods kept on wharves. Tall waves crashed on land and caused flooding. Many boats were wrecked by the storm. The high waves flooded about 1 square mile (2.6 km2) of Havana’s coastal land.

At least 100 people were killed by the storm, mostly because of mudslides, including five people in Havana. However, some reports say the death toll was as high as 700. Damage caused by the storm cost millions of dollars. In Havana alone, $1 million in losses were reported.

  1. Which of these statements about the 1910 Cuba hurricane is false?

a) It was actually two hurricanes, not just one.

b) It hit Cuba and the United States.

c) It was formed in the Caribbean Sea.

d) It occurred on the 9th of October, 1910.

2. What is the definitive death toll of this hurricane?

a) 100.

b) 700.

c) 1910.

d) We don’t know for sure.

3. From 1 to 4, order the sequence of these events according to the passage.

~ The hurricane moved towards the United States.

~ The hurricane ended in the sea.

~ The hurricane formed in the southern Carribbean Sea.

~ The hurricane crossed Florida and hit the rest of the southeastern United States.

4. The hurricane caused the most damage in:

a) Florida

b) The Pinar del Rio province

c) Batabano

d) Havana

5. “On the coast, many ships carrying valuable items sunk.” Which coast is this quote referring to?

a) The coast of Havana

b) The coast of Florida

c) The coast of Casilda

d) The coast of Cuba

6. Which statement can be considered a form of evidence?

a) The storm was one of the worst disasters in the island’s history.

b) It is clear that this hurricane was really bad.

c) Reports say that the death toll was at least 100 in Cuba.

d) I would have been very scared if I was in this hurricane.

7. “Thousands of peasants, or workers, lost their homes.” Why did the author add “or workers” to this sentence?

a) To include both peasants and workers as people who lost their homes.

b) To provide a synonym for ‘peasants’, making it clear what the word means.

c) To show that it’s unclear if it was peasants or workers that lost their homes.

d) To present ‘peasants’ and ‘workers’ as two different types of people.

8. What kind of text is this passage?

a) Informative.

b) Creative.

c) Persuasive.

d) All of the above.

9. What kind of damage did the hurricane cause Cuba?

a) Flooding of 2.6 km2 of the coast.

b) Ruined crops, especially tobacco crops.

c) Many ships were destroyed.

d) All of the above.

10. What would be the best alternative title for this passage?

a) How Cuba Survived a Hurricane

b) A History of Cuban Hurricanes

c) Facts about the 1910 Cuba Hurricane

d) 20th Century Cuban Hurricanes

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Note: This passage is from the Simple Wikipedia article 1910 Cuba HurricaneTo my knowledge, utilising this passage as a free educational exercise falls under fair use. If not, please let me know. I want to make sure that everything on this website is fair and right. The questions are of my own creation.


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