Reading Passage 14 – Fizz Wants To Be A Police Dog

Keywords: Year 2+, 10 questions [6 MCQs, 4 short-answer], fiction, narrative.

Recommended time: 15 minutes.

Passage sourced from: ‘Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts’. Written by Lesley Gibbes. Illustrated by Stephen Michael King. Published in 2016. Pages 4-8.

The day Fizz told his family he wanted to be a police dog they tried to talk him out of it.

“No one in our family has ever been a police dog, son. We’re Bologneses; we’re show dogs and companion dogs, not working dogs,” said Fizz’s father. “Wouldn’t you rather be a champion show dog like me?”

His mother didn’t understand either. “You could get hurt and your pretty fur would get all dirty, sugarplum. Why don’t you be a little lap dog like your sister, Bella? Then you’ll stay safe and clean.”

“But Mum, I don’t want to be a lap dog,” said Fizz, his fluffy tail drooping.

“Or,” continued his mother, “you could be the handbag dog for a famous actress, like your sister Crystal. She’s travelled the world three times over. And your brother Puff-Pup and Fluff-Pup just love being companion dogs for old Mrs Winterbottom. Plenty of cuddles and treats, you know.”

“But Mum, you’re not listening. I don’t want to be any of those things,” said Fizz. “I want adventure! I want to run and chase and bark. I want to bail-up burglars, catch crooks and save the day. What I really, really want is to be a police dog. I’m sure I’d make a good one. Remember the time I sniffed out the missing chew treats for Mrs Winterbottom?”

His parents frowned. “Son, you just don’t look like a police dog,” said his father, firmly. “Mum and I don’t want you to get your hopes up in case you’re disappointed, that’s all. And besides, Ms Trunchon from the Dog Employment Department will help you find a suitable job when you have your interview tomorrow. She’ll find the perfect job for a dog like you.”

Fizz trudged out of the boarding house and into the exercise yard.

“I don’t want to be a companion dog or a show dog, and I don’t want to see Ms Trunchon,” said Fizz, looking out beyond the boarding house gates towards the city. “I want to be a police dog.”


1. What is Fizz’s main goal?

a) To be a show dog

b) To be a police dog

c) To travel the world

d) To be a lap dog

2. Does Fizz’s father agree with Fizz?

a) No, because he should be just a lap dog and nothing else

b) No, because Mrs Winterbottom wants him to be her lap dog

c) No, because he didn’t find the missing chew treats for Mrs Winterbottom

d) No, because Fizz doesn’t look like a police dog

3. Which of these names is not the name of any characters?

a) Crystal

b) Fluff-Puff

c) Ms Trunchon

d) Bella

4. Why does Fizz’s tail droop?

a) Fizz is excited

b) Fizz is angry

c) Fizz is sad

d) Fizz’s tail doesn’t droop

5. Fizz’s father is a champion show dog. What is Fizz’s mother’s job?

a) She is a lap dog.

b) She is a show dog.

c) She is a handbag dog for a famous actress.

d) We don’t find out what her job is.

6. “Fizz trudged out of the boarding house…” What does ‘trudged’ mean?

a) To run quickly

b) To jump sadly

c) To walk slowly

d) To skip happily

7. Why do Fizz’s parents not want Fizz to become a police dog? Give one reason why.

8. Do you agree with Fizz’s parents? Why or why not?

9. Fizz says that he’s sure he’d be a good police dog. Why does he think this?

10. If you were a dog, what kind of dog would you be and why? (Example: a show dog.)

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Note: This passage is from Fizz and the Police Dog Tryouts by Lesley Gibbes (2016). To my knowledge, utilising this passage as a free educational exercise falls under fair use. If not, please let me know. I want to make sure that everything on this website is fair and right. The questions are of my own creation.


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