About me

Hello! 😀

This is me (=^・^=)

My name is Miss. (It isn’t actually ‘Miss’, but it might as well be!) I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Literature from the University of Melbourne. Now, I’m studying a Masters of Teaching (Primary). I cannot wait to have my own official classes!

I’m a primary-school teacher-in-training. I’m currently an English tutor for a Scholarship/Selective Exam tutoring organisation. I live for English, hence this blog’s name!

You’ll find a whole bunch of things on this blog: reading passages; book reviews; fancy words; and sometimes just outright rants about teaching. Every day, I learn something new from my students. Writing everything down on this blog would be a great way to record how amazing my students are!

You might notice some cartoon cats running around the website. They are my English mascots! Let’s meet them:

Jun. A casual reader. He likes anything he enjoys!
Millie. A complete mystery nerd. She can guess the culprit long before the book’s ending!
Louise. She’s a serious thinker. She loves science fiction, technical manuals, and anything that makes her think!
Felipe. His head is always in the clouds. He adores fantasy novels (especially ones with dragons!).
Dmitri. A collector with an old soul. He loves to collect books, especially old ones!
Gus (Augustus). He loves to snooze. Not much of a reader, honestly. He only likes boring books, since they help him sleep!
Jenny. An artist and diary enthusiast. She loves autobiographies, biographies, and graphic novels!
Alfie (Alfred). A witty class clown. He loves comedy and comic books!
Sakura. She always knows about what’s happening in the world. Her secret weapons? Newspapers and encyclopaedias!

Want to know which Bookitty you relate to the most? Click here to take the personality quiz!