Serious Stuff (for parents)

Parental guardians, teachers, and students – welcome! This section is where I will write reviews and articles for an older audience.

If you’re a younger student, you’re free to read this section too! Just be warned: I’m going to sound very weird compared to how I usually write. Instead of writing like this:

“Hi, everyone! I love this book so much. It’d probably be best for 5 to 7-year-olds. It has really cool sentences and amazing art!”

I’ll write like this:

“This text is most suitable for children aged 5-7. Its primary strength lies in its complex syntax and memorable illustrations.”

If you don’t feel like reading stuff like that, this section will not be much fun for you. Don’t worry, though; the rest of the website is much more fun to read!

For those of you who feel like reading serious sorts of stuff, I hope you find this section interesting!