Reading Passage 16 – A Parliamentary Speech ANSWERS

Keywords: Level 5-6, 10 questions [4 MCQs, 6 short-answer], historical, 1920’s, Edith Cowan, Australian legal system, Australian Parliament (Western Australia), non-fiction.

Recommended time: 30 minutes.

Passage sourced from: The Western Australian Hansard, 28th July 1921.

Curricular links (full descriptions can be found at the bottom): ACELA1501, ACELY1698, ACELY1702, ACELA1517, ACELY1713.

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Reading Passage 13 – How Fabric is Made ANSWERS

Keywords: Year 5+, informative text, 10 questions [6 MCQs, 4 short-answer questions], ‘Curious Kids’ articles, The Conversation.

Recommended time: 20 minutes.

The following passage has been sourced from a Curious Kids article from The Conversation. The article was written by Ken Aldren S. Usman and Dylan Hegh. The comprehension questions were written by me.

Read more to view the passage and the reading comprehension answers.

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