Reading Passage 2 – Embroidery ANSWERS

The correct answers are highlighted in yellow!


  1. Based on the information from the passage, what do we know about sewbeautifulx’s current life?

a) She is a mother of young children who spends her free time embroidering

b) Her mother is teaching her how to embroider on pillowcases, bedding and clothes

c) She sees embroidery as a relaxing and time-consuming hobby

d) She owns a profitable business selling her embroidery under the name ‘sewbeautifulx’

2. Which of these is not listed as a possible embroidering material?

a) Organza

b) Tulle

c) Cotton

d) Felt

3. How did sewbeautifulx’s mother introduce her to embroidery?

a) In a practical way by giving her embroidering classes

b) In an impractical way by embroidering her pillowcases

c) In a practical way by telling her daughter to watch the mother while she is embroidering

d) In a practical way by embroidering things around her home

4. Which statement would best describe sewbeautifulx’s embroidery?

a) Vivacious and colourful

b) Monochrome and detailed

c) Simplistic and vibrant

d) Intricate and understated

5. Complete this sentence: Since the thread is so ________, you can make very _________ embroidery.

a) Thin, simplistic

b) Thin, vibrant

c) Colourful, vibrant

d) Thin, detailed

6. This passage teaches us about general embroidery. Which of these facts are not mentioned?

a) Embroidery is often vibrant and based on nature

b) Many materials can be used while embroidering

c) Embroidering can be a very therapeutic activity

d) Depending on its detail, embroidering can take a long time to complete

7. Write one example of the author using an em-dash.

The only time the author uses an em-dash is in this sentence: “…working with fabric and thread are endless – I use a vast array of materials…”. Remember that you don’t need to state the entire sentence if it’s very long; just use a few words to quote where exactly the em-dash is.

8. What is sewbeautifulx’s opinion on embroidery? Use at least one quote from the passage as evidence.

Generally, the answer should state that she finds embroidery relaxing, creative and/or time-consuming. You only need to talk about one of these but you’re welcome to use more than one if you have extra time. There are different quotes that you can use for this answer, depending on which opinion you choose to focus on.

‘Relaxing’ = “It’s so therapeutic, relaxing and calming.”

‘Creative’ = “I love that putting certain colours together can bring them to life…”

‘Time-consuming’ = “Depending on the level of detail, a piece may take days, weeks or even months!”

The original passage and questions are here!

Have any questions? Feel free to message or comment! I’m always happy to help. 🙂


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