Listening Exercise 3 – Gardening Podcast

Keywords: Year 2+, audio, podcast, 10 questions overall [6 MCQs, 3 short-answer, 1 true-or-false].

Listen to all of the audio before answering questions. Feel free to listen to it again while you answer.

Click here to go to the audio’s webpage on the ABC.

Read more to view the questions.


  1. You can hear a child speaking in this audio. What is her name?

a) Cayla

b) Caylee

c) Catie

d) Crazy

2. What does the child like to do?

a) Visit gardens

b) Look at gardens

c) Grow a garden

d) All of the above

3. What does the child love about gardens?

a) How the grass tickles her face

b) How lavender flowers smell

c) How sunshine makes green leaves look

d) She doesn’t like gardens

4. What does the child think about Costa?

a) She thinks he’s the best at gardening

b) She thinks he’s good at business

c) She thinks he likes compost too much

d) She thinks he doesn’t know much about gardening

5. Which of these adjectives describe the audio’s music?

a) Depressing

b) Furious

c) Joyful

d) Calm

6. If you wanted to listen to this podcast, where can you find it?

a) ABC News

b) BBC

c) The ABC website

d) ABC Kids Listen

7. The child and Costa say what questions they’ll be answering about gardens. Which one do you think is the most interesting?

8. What is the main thing the audio tells you about?

9. Write down if these sentences are true or false.

  • The name of the podcast is ‘Gardening Buds’ (TRUE or FALSE)
  • This is the first episode of a podcast (TRUE or FALSE)
  • You can hear sound effects in the background (TRUE or FALSE)
  • You need to create a big garden to listen to this podcast (TRUE or FALSE)

10. Do you want to listen to the full podcast? Why or why not?

Check your answers here!


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